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Kaakuluk Issue 2: Beluga Whales (Inuktitut)

Kaakuluk is an exciting, fact-filled magazine about Nunavut. Each issue includes activities, traditional stories, and articles about life in the Arctic and is printed in full colour with photographs and illustrations. Published in partnership with the Qikiqtani

The Giant Bear (Inuktitut)

Written by Jose Angutinngurniq | Illustrated by Eva Widermann One of the most terrifying creatures to be found in traditional Inuit stories is the nanurluk, a massive bear the size of an iceberg that lives under the

Taiksumani Volume 2 (Inuktitut)

This book is the second in the Taiksumani series. The word taiksumani means in the past. The Taiksumani series is a storytelling initiative that looks backwards into the past to Inuit mythology for inspiration. Inuit stories are full of

Nala’s Magical Mitsiaq: A Story of Inuit Adoption (Inuktitut)

Written by Jennifer Noah | Illustrated by Qin Leng Adoption among Inuit families—known as Inuit custom adoption—is a unique and age-old practice that sees families within Nunavut placing children with adoptive parents in the community as they

Uumajut: Learn About Arctic Wildlife! Volume 2 (Inuktitut)

Written by Simon Awa, Seeglook Akeeagok, Anna Ziegler, and Stephanie McDonald | Illustrated by Romi Caron Picking up where Uumajut: Learn About Arctic Wildlife left off, Uumajut, Volume Two will introduce the youngest readers to the diets and habitats

Unipkaaqtuat Arvianit: Volume 1 (Inuktitut)

Written by Mark Kalluak Respected community member Mark Kalluak collected stories from around Arviat since the 1970s, including stories he grew up hearing his mother tell. In these delightful collections for audiences of all ages, Kalluak shares

Unikat Inukpasugjuit Miksanut

Written by Neil Christopher | Illustrated by Eva Widermann Experience the exciting world of Arctic giants through traditional tales from around Nunavut. Based on elder interviews from more than one hundred years ago, these stories reveal the

Under the Ice (Inuktitut)

Written by Rachel A. Qitsualik | Illustrated by Jae Korim, Art Direction by Babah Kalluk Winter can be cruel in the Arctic, and food quickly grows scarce for those who cannot hunt. In these difficult times, the

Ukiuqtaqtuup Uumajungit

This durable book, intended for the very earliest readers, teaches preschoolers the Inuktitut names for various wildlife species found across Nunavut. Photographs of each animal accompany the Inuktitut names, to give children all the tools they need


Ukaliq is a fun and informative activity book about Nunavut, designed for readers aged three to six. It’s jam-packed with comics, stories, games, facts, photographs, and illustrations, providing young readers with entertaining and engaging opportunities to practice