Monthly Archive:: September 2017

The Owl and the Lemming (Inuktitut)

Written by Roselynn Akulukjuk | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland As Owl swoops down and blocks the entrance to a lemming den, he is sure that he has a tasty meal in the little animal he has cornered. But this lemming

Mangittatuarjuq: Gnawer of Rocks (Inuktitut)

Written by Louise Flaherty | Illustrated by Jim Nelson While everyone is busy preparing for the coming winter, two girls wander away from their camp, following a path of strange, beautiful stones. Each stone is lovelier than the

How We Hunt a Bowhead (Inuktitut)

Written by Joanasie Karpik | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland Long ago in the North, people hunted animals like the bowhead whale for everything they needed. But hunting a bowhead whale is not easy, and hunters had to study

Elisapee and Her Baby Seagull (Inuktitut)

Written by Nancy Mike | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland When Elisapee’s father brings home a baby seagull, Elisapee falls in love with the bird right away. She feeds and cares for her new friend, named Nau, and even