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Mangittatuarjuq: Gnawer of Rocks (Inuktitut)

Written by Louise Flaherty | Illustrated by Jim Nelson While everyone is busy preparing for the coming winter, two girls wander away from their camp, following a path of strange, beautiful stones. Each stone is lovelier than the


Written by Karla Jessen Williamson and Louise Flaherty | Illustrated by Germaine Arnaktauyok This richly illustrated Inuktitut book makes the story of Uumasuusivissuaq accessible to Inuit everywhere. This important story from Inuit cosmology tells how a powerful

Common Birds of Nunavut (Inuktitut)

Written by Mark L. Mallory Explore the fascinating world of Nunavut’s diverse bird populations in this richly visual, informative book. Through beautiful photographs and a broad range of information, readers will learn about the appearances, ranges and

Kiviuq’s Journey (Inuktitut)

Written by Henry Isluanik | Illustrated by Germaine Arnaktauyok Kiviuq’s Journey retells the legend of Kiviuq, one of the most important and well-known legends in all of Inuit mythology, just as it has been told in the Kivalliq

Taiksumani Volume 2 (Inuktitut)

This book is the second in the Taiksumani series. The word taiksumani means in the past. The Taiksumani series is a storytelling initiative that looks backwards into the past to Inuit mythology for inspiration. Inuit stories are full of

Unikat Inukpasugjuit Miksanut

Written by Neil Christopher | Illustrated by Eva Widermann Experience the exciting world of Arctic giants through traditional tales from around Nunavut. Based on elder interviews from more than one hundred years ago, these stories reveal the

Under the Ice (Inuktitut)

Written by Rachel A. Qitsualik | Illustrated by Jae Korim, Art Direction by Babah Kalluk Winter can be cruel in the Arctic, and food quickly grows scarce for those who cannot hunt. In these difficult times, the

Skraelings (Inuktitut)

Written by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley | Illustrated by Andrew Traboold In this adventurous novel set in the ancient Arctic, a young, wandering Inuit hunter happens upon a camp in grave peril. The inhabitants of the camp

Kappianaqtut: Strange Creatures and Fantastic Beings from Inuit Myths and Legends (Inuktitut)

Written by Neil Christopher and Louise Flaherty Each volume in the Kappianaqtut series provides readers with an in-depth academic examination of two creatures from Inuit mythology. The series examines Inuit myths from an ethnographic perspective and fosters