Children’s Books Archive

The Owl and the Lemming (Inuktitut)

Written by Roselynn Akulukjuk | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland As Owl swoops down and blocks the entrance to a lemming den, he is sure that he has a tasty meal in the little animal he has cornered. But this lemming

Mangittatuarjuq: Gnawer of Rocks (Inuktitut)

Written by Louise Flaherty | Illustrated by Jim Nelson While everyone is busy preparing for the coming winter, two girls wander away from their camp, following a path of strange, beautiful stones. Each stone is lovelier than the

How We Hunt a Bowhead (Inuktitut)

Written by Joanasie Karpik | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland Long ago in the North, people hunted animals like the bowhead whale for everything they needed. But hunting a bowhead whale is not easy, and hunters had to study

Elisapee and Her Baby Seagull (Inuktitut)

Written by Nancy Mike | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland When Elisapee’s father brings home a baby seagull, Elisapee falls in love with the bird right away. She feeds and cares for her new friend, named Nau, and even

Out on the Ice (Inuktitut)

Written by Jenna Bailey | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland Tyson and Neevee are so excited to go fishing with their parents. How many fish will they catch? This story infuses a family trip out on the ice

Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing (Inuktitut)

Written by Nadia Mike | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland Ukaliq and Kalla are two friends who could not be more different. Ukaliq is loud, excited, and always looking for adventure. Kalla on the other hand, is calm,

Action Words (Inuktitut)

Photography by Patrick Béland | Illustrated by Astrid Arijanto This book introduces toddlers and young readers to basic Inuktitut terminology for various actions that they may encounter day to day. With text in syllabics and full-colour photographs,

People of the Sea (Inuktitut)

Told by Donald Uluadluak | Illustrated by Mike Motz In the past, it was easy to spot an arnajuinnaq, one of the mysterious and beautiful people of the sea from Inuit myth. Today, they have become rare.

Arctic Little Folk (Inuktitut)

Written by Neil Christopher | Illustrated by Larry MacDougall Arctic Little Folk introduces young readers to the fascinating, strange, and amusing world of Arctic dwarves, fairies, elves, and gnomes. These tiniest inhabitants of the Arctic tundra are told

A Walk on the Tundra (Kivalliq Inuktitut)

Written by Rebecca Hainnu and Anna Ziegler | Illustrated by Qin Leng During the short Arctic summers, the tundra–covered most of the year under snow and ice–becomes filled with colourful flowers, mosses, shrubs, and lichens. These hardy