Written by Mia Pelletier | Illustrated by Danny Christopher

Nearly 200 species of birds nest in the North American Arctic. While a few hardy species live in the Arctic year-round, most birds travel seasonally to the Arctic to lay their eggs and raise their young. In this first volume of A Children’s Guide to Arctic Birds, young readers learn about twelve of the birds that call the Arctic home, whether that be for the whole year or just for the summer.

With a simple layout and easy-to-follow headings for each bird, this beautiful book is filled with fun, useful facts, including where each bird nests during the short Arctic summer, and how young readers can recognize each bird’s song on the wind.

Step inside and journey North—you may even spot a familiar feathered friend. Because many of the birds found in A Children’s Guide to Arctic Birds migrate to the Arctic from many parts of the world, you might also see some of these birds along a shoreline, in a field, or in a backyard near you!

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November 10, 2014