Micah Arreak • Annie Désilets • Lucy Kappianaq Glenda Kripanik • Kanadaise Uyarasuk

Taanna saqqitaulilauqpuq inuit niqingit niuvianguvaktuniglu niqittiavanik niqiliurutiksaujunnaqujaulluni. Inuksiutituinnaungittut ammalu niqilirijimit niqittiavainnarnik sanajuminngaarnatik. Isummiqsitittijjutauvuq qanuq inuit niqingit ammalu niuvirvingminngaaqtut sanajaujunnarmangaata, uunaqsigatuinnarnik kinguvviillutik, ammalu niqittiavanik nirivaktarnik piusivaallirutauluni ajjigiinngilirutaullunilu.

Taanna inungnik niqiliurunnaqsijjutaujunnaqpuq nangminiq sanalugit, uqaujjuigiarutaullunilu niqilirinirmik. Inuit niqinginnik niuvirvingninngaaqtuniglu akikittunik qautamaat nirijaujunnarutiksaliangusimavuq.

Compiled by Micah Arreak, Annie Désilets, Lucy Kappianaq, Glenda Kripanik, Kanadaise Uyarasuk

Compiled by five women living in Igloolik, Nunavut, this collection of recipes brings together healthy traditional country foods—like seal, Arctic char, and caribou—with store-bought produce to create delicious meals that can be an alternative to pre-packaged foods. With details on food safety and storage, as well as information on how to build a healthy, nutritious diet, this book will help even novice cooks feel empowered to begin cooking from scratch at home. With tasty recipes from the land and sea—from Arctic char pizza to caribou chili—this beautifully photographed cookbook provides wholesome, hearty meals that will become family favourites for years to come.

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March 26, 2019